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*poses and props will vary and can be changed


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Colorful Chevron

This modern background works well for both Fall and Spring! Goes great with any color outfit too!


This is such a great background for a "Back to School" them around September or early October. It can also be used in the Spring as well and parents love it!


This background has been such a big hit during anytime of year! Parents love the colors and any color outfit choice looks great! We always coordinate the crayons to match outfits! We bring a variety of colors for picture day.


Picture sample with different

color crayons.


This background is really great! We love to pose the kids with hands in their pocket or on waist with this one! All kids photograph well on this background!

School Room

This has been one of the more popular set-ups we have in our arsenal! It works perfect for a back to school theme and parents love it!

Mystic Fall w/Log

This is the perfect background for Fall! It offers beautiful Fall colors and works with with so many clothing choices!

Fall Leaves

Another great Fall set-up! This one if fun and modern and incorporates all the perfect Fall colors!


Fall Fence 

This is the perfect background for Fall and the month of October! Pumpkins can be used or not! 

Vintage Books

Parents love this set up! Its fun without being too much! Any color clothing looks great with this set up and this works well in both Fall and Spring.



This is one of our new backgrounds! Can be used in the Fall as a back to school theme or in the Spring because of the colors! We have a variety of props that can be used depending on age and size of the child.  


Pictures outdoor really are permitting, of course! If your school has a garden area or a great green space with some shade this would be a great option for Spring portraits!

Cream Bokeh

This is a beautiful and simple background! The kids really stand out!

Pastel Tree w/Fence

This background has been a hit with parents during Spring time! The pastel colors are gorgeous!

Pastel Egg Carton

What a fun background for Spring! Any color clothing choice will really pop!

Set Sail

Set Sail works well during the summer months, but there are schools who have used this during Spring too! This photographs beautifully and kids look great dressed up or dressed down!

Graduation w/Year

Graduation pictures are done during the Spring. We can use this year sign or kids can hold a diploma instead. Graduation pictures can be done on any background! We love the gray chalkboard because it really make the kids stand out!


Watercolor Dots

This is a fun and whimsical background! It's great for Back to School or Spring time! The variety of colors makes it easy for parents to dress the kids!


Rodeo pictures are fun any time of year! The best time would be during Rodeo time---February-March. Kids can come dressed up in their rodeo gear or we can provide cowboy hats and jean jackets! You can even make a day of it and have a "Go Rodeo Day!"

Beach Shore

This is a perfect background for Summer! Kids can come dressed in anything and it looks great!

Lake Serene

Parents love this set up! Its fun without being too much! Bright color clothing looks great with this set up and this works well in both Fall and Spring.


Holiday Pine

This is a new holiday background for 2019! We needed to incorporate a new background with more "green" because it's versatile and kids can dress in any color and look great! 

Winter Tree w/Sleigh

This background was a big hit when it was introduced a couple of years ago! Kids really pop with this background! The sleigh was custom made out of twigs! Kids can either sit in the sleigh or beside it. We can even add some presents in the sleigh too!

Winter Path w/bench

This background has been one of the more popular winter scenes! It's understated and really works well with any color clothing.

Christmas Tree w/Fireplace

This is a classic Christmas background and  is very popular! Kids can be dressed up or dressed down! Either look works well!

Christmas Tree w/Fireplace

Same background, but with pajamas! Who doesn't want to sit in their pj's by the fire?

Wooded Christmas

This set up was so popular when we introduced it! We have several props that we incorporate and parents just love the "natural look!"


This is a fun winter background! Works well if you don't want anything so "Christmas." 

Gray Christmas

This is a simple and modern Christmas background! Colorful clothing choices work well with it and really make the kids shine!

Christmas Cards

What a fun set up for Christmas! Kids can stand up next to this red velvet mini chair and add more color to the picture! Any color clothing choice would work!

Class Picture w/Border

Class pictures are usually done in the Spring, but can be done in the Fall too! You have the option to add this colorful and fun border!

Outdoor Class Picture

Outdoor class pictures are always fun! A great spot to do them is on the play ground! We love to set up the kids in a fun way too!

Event Photography

We also offer event photography to mark a special occasion! Adults need pictures too...especially when they are all dressed up!

Classic Yearbook

This is a classic blue background used for yearbook pictures.

All pictures are copyrighted and owned by Rosehill Photography. DO NOT COPY

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