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-We photograph all ages....infants and up!

-We photograph siblings together as well as individuals if parents would like!

-Class and Graduation photos can also be done

(usually taken in the Spring)

-We do not offer any free items to parents like bags or t-shirts. Instead, we like to keep picture prices low and affordable for everyone!


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-Once you book a date you will receive a sign and sample picture to hang up to remind parents of picture day and show them the background so they can dress kids accordingly!

-On picture day we take every childs picture, but there is absolutely no obligation to buy

-There is NO paperwork needed by parents or school (see...SIMPLE!)

-One to two weeks later we come back to sell the pictures (a day is setup for sale date on picture day)

-Each child will have the same package and parents pick and choose what they want from the sheets printed!

-Parents take home the pictures once they buy them! So simple!!

-It is at the school directors discretion to keep the pictures not sold on picture day and continue to sell them for one to two weeks. The more sales the school has the more commission/donation it will receive.

-We can also set up a Pre-pay program instead if you and your parents prefer! We are willing to work with you and cater to your and your parents needs!

-We accept Cash, Check and all Credit cards


We believe in keeping things Simple!

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